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        My name is Ryan Hsia Lan and I recently graduated from the industrial design program of Emily Carr University of Art & Design, where I worked on my undergrad project, aCUE, a wearable massaging device made for travellers and commuters to relieve body soreness caused by long-distance travelling.

        I grew up in Taiwan, an island nation in East Asia, where I had the opportunities to closely speculate the rapid changes in some top of the notch computer technology and to appreciate the spectacular quality in traditional craftsmanship at the same time. These experiences have hugely influenced my perspective in pursue of an ideal symmetry between advancement enabled by technology and the attention to detail inherited by craftsmanship. 

        As a designer, my practice situates within the process of identifying the hidden opportunities in products and using design as the medium to introduce them. The process involves the finding of deeper needs and interprets them through design tools to engender a new product of forms and functions. With my past experiences in co-creating with children, collaborating in the creation of furniture with cooperation, and working with experimental materials, I have developed a series of skills and prepared to broaden my vision with new challenges.

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